About Local NPR

LocalNPR.org is a website and Twitter feed (@localnpr) to share data about U.S. public broadcast newsrooms.

The author, Michael V. Marcotte, is a public journalism teacher, researcher and consultant — and a former news manager — who takes an interest in the development of public media.

The site was launched as part of his Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford. It was further developed during his visiting professorship at the UNR Reynolds School of Journalism.

Some the research and information cited here would not be possible without help from PRNDI, CPB, PRPD, SRG, Steve Martin, Ken Mills, Robert Papper, Jonathan Ahl, Jeff Luchsinger, Kathy Merritt, Greg Schnirring, Bruce Theriault, Drew Sunderland, Lisa Hadjinian, Kim Grehn, Suzanne Marmion, Amy Tardif, Michael Leland, George Bodarky, Doug Doyle, Wayne Burns, Naomi Starobin, Christine Paige-Diers, John Dinges, Sue Schardt, Arthur Cohen, Ginny Berson, Izzy Smith, Marguerite Nutter, Dana Davis-Rehm, Tanya Ott, Joe Barr, Sylvia Komatsu, Rick Holter, Sandi Evans, Rick Behrens, Mark Fuerst and Denise Lin.


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